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Contacts for Aboriginal Applicants

Each major department or agency has a designated contact for Indigenous applicants seeking advice or support through the application process right through to recruitment and in the workplace.

Department of State Development Business and Innovation
Human Resources
P 03 96519885

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Brian Wheeler
Human Resources Division
P 03 9637 3423
E wheeler.brian.d@edumail.vic.gov.au

Department of Human Services
Department of Health
Aboriginal Employment Unit
P 1300 092 406
E aboriginal.employment@dhs.vic.gov.au

Department of Human Services (Southern Metro Region)
Department of Health (Southern Metro Region)
Prue Stewart
Aboriginal Employment and Recruitment Advisor
P 03 9213 2689
E prue.stewart@dhs.vic.gov.au

Department of Justice
Koori Employment Team
P 03 8684 1751
E koori.employment@justice.vic.gov.au

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Karen Jordan
Corporate Development
P 03 9651 1216

E karen.jordan@dpc.vic.gov.au

Department of Sustainability and Environment
Wendy Erikson
Human Resources Consultant
People and Culture
P 9412 4952
E wendy.erickson@dse.vic.gov.au

Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
Aboriginal Emplyment Consultant
P 03 9655 3373
E jamie.williamson@transport.vic.gov.au

Department of Treasury and Finance
Simon Dally
Senior HR Adviser
Corporate Strategy and Services
P 03 96515615
E simon.dally@dtf.vic.gov.au

State Revenue Office
Cathy Arter
Senior Recruitment Consultant

P: 03 9628 6666
E: cathy.arter@sro.vic.gov.au

Parks Victoria
Wendy Berick
Indigenous HR Officer
P 03 8627 4635
E wendy.berick@parks.vic.gov.au

Vic Roads
Chaise Egan
Indigenous Employment Project Officer
P 03 9854 2967

E chaise.egan@roads.vic.gov.au

Victorian Auditor-General's Office
Susan Quinn
People and Culture
P 03 8601 7003
E susan.quinn@audit.vic.gov.au