Each year hundreds of graduates join the Victorian public sector to start new careers — you can be one of them.

Graduates join us because of unparalleled opportunities. No other employer can offer the breadth of opportunities across a range of roles and industries, and across the state  — in metropolitan, rural and regional areas.

Once you join us, you’ll be encouraged to experience different departments, take up temporary roles, and tap into your leadership potential. Our ongoing personal development and training programs ensures your career keeps on moving. 

And apart from the attractive salaries and generous benefits, you'll receive one more important perk — you get a chance to contribute real change to improving the lives of Victorians. Read more reasons why you should work for Vic.

To get started, search for any advertised position or apply in advance for one of our well-regarded graduate programs.

Graduate programs

Our graduate programs provide all the structured support you need for a new career in the Victorian public sector.

You'll join a network of like-minded people and have access to professionals for ongoing mentoring and guidance. Some of the public sector’s brightest stars are alumni of our graduate programs.

All graduate programs are listed below. Please note that applications are only open during specific times of the year.

  • Victorian Government Graduate Program

    The Victorian Government graduate program is a 12-month development program with 3 rotations in different departments. When you successfully complete this program, you’re guaranteed a job and a promotion. For more information, visit the Victorian Government graduate program website.
  • Aboriginal pathway to the Victorian Government Graduate Program

    We want to see more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates choose a rewarding and meaningful career with the Victorian Public Service.

    There is a genuine commitment to supporting interesting, meaningful careers for Aboriginal people. Our workforce is best when it includes the diverse skills and experiences found throughout our communities. The hallmarks of the Aboriginal Pathway are cultural sensitivity, dedicated support and strong networking. The pathway is part of Barring Djinang, the Victorian public sector’s 5 year Aboriginal employment strategy.

    For more information, visit the Victorian Government graduate program website

  • Barring Djinang VET Graduate Program

    The Barring Djinang VET graduate program is a 12-month work placement in a Victorian public service department or public sector agency. The program is only open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander VET graduates. When you successfully complete this program, you’re guaranteed a job and a promotion. The program is offered by the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

  • Disability pathway to the Victorian Government Graduate Program

    The Disability pathway to the Victorian Government graduate program   (as described above) provides support for graduates with disability. The pathway includes support and adjustments with the application process and placements. It also includes support during the graduate year. The Disability pathway is consistent with Getting to work, our disability employment action plan. For more information, visit the Victorian Government graduate program website

  • Science and Planning Graduate Program

    This is a two-year training and development program with three rotations for recent graduates of science, natural resource management, agriculture, ecology, conservation, planning and related fields. This program is jointly offered by Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
  • Victorian Auditor-General's Office (VAGO) Graduate Program

    The VAGO Graduate program is a structured 12-month learning and development program which leads to an ongoing full time position. Financial audit graduates will also get help joining professional accountancy bodies such as ICAA or CPA. This program is offered by VAGO.
  • Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office (VGSO) Graduate Lawyer Program

    The VGSO Graduate Lawyer Program is a 12-month program including three-month rotations across four of the five branches of VGSO. Graduates will have access to continuing professional education, attend courts and tribunals, become involved in major commercial agreements and gain practical involvement with specialised areas of law.
  • Cenitex Future Leaders Graduate Program

    This 12-month program offers development opportunities across a range of areas and includes work on major ITC projects and mentoring from Cenitex leaders. You'll work on real-world ITC projects that support the State Government’s commitment to a digital Victoria and better outcomes for the community. This program is offered by Cenitex.
  • Victoria's Big Build (VBB) Graduate Program

    The VBB graduate program is a two-year program offering graduates first-hand experience working on real projects that are helping to make it easier for Victorians to travel around the state quickly and safely. During the program, you'll undertake rotations in a range of business contexts, a structured learning and development program involving a variety of professional and personal development workshops as well as site visits, project work, mentoring and experiential learning opportunities. This program is offered by the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority.
  • Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) Graduate Program

    The SRLA graduate program is a 24-month program offering up to four 6-month rotations across different business areas. During the program you will develop a wide range of skills and gain valuable industry experience as you rotat through project teams within your area of interest. Positions are available across a range of disciplines including engineering, communications, planning, urban design, law and more. As well as offering structured learning and development opportunities, the program also provides mentoring and networking to kickstart your career in transport. For more information visit the Suburban Rail Loop (SRLA) Graduate Program.
  • Department of Transport Graduate Program

    The Department of Transport Graduate Program is a 36-month program offering three 12-monthly rotations across different business areas. You'll receive professional and technical development, executive mentoring, relocation assistance, and opportunities to work across Rail, Road and Infrastructure, on some of the largest projects in the history of Victoria. The program is offered by the Department of Transport.


"There aren't many places where you can be working on a policy issue one day, and see it in the news headlines the next."
Monika, Victorian Government Graduate Program alumni