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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the best way to do a Job Search?

On the website go to Vacancies. The Job Search page allows you to do a broad search to show all vacancies by just clicking the Search button. If you know the employer just select the agency in the Department/Agency box. To do a more specific vacancy search select items in any of the search fields, like Location, Job Function or Job Reference. For a more advanced search type in keywords in the search box. Remember, if make your search criteria too specific you are unlikely to get a job match.

How do I apply online?

In Vacancies select the job you are interested in. The Job Details will be displayed. Scroll down and you will see the Apply Now button. Click the button to launch the online application. If you haven't registered your personal and contact details you will be asked to do so, or to login if you have an account. Don't forget to print a copy of the Job Details and Position Description as once the job closes it disappears off the jobs board. See the minimum systems requirements to apply online below.

How do I register on careers.vic.gov.au?

You need to have an account to apply for jobs online. Go to Vacancies on the website and click on the Career Services page. Then click the Register link on the right side menu to create your account. Make sure you read and agree to the privacy collection notice. Go to Update Account if any of your personal details change.

Once you register your details, the information will automatically transfer to any online application for a job.

How do I set up a Job Email alert?

You can also receive e-mail alerts as soon as a new job matching your requirements is advertised on the website. Go to Vacancies, then Career Services. Login or register then go to Job Emails, specify your requirements and test and then save the profile, which is set for 90 days. Don't forget to reactivate the service before 90 days or it will be suspended

How do I create a Profile?

Go to Vacancies on the career website, then Career Services. Login or register then select My Profile and complete the details and upload your Resume. Victorian Public Service departments and agencies search the talent pool to match people to suitable jobs and you may be invited to apply. Don't forget to renew your profile every four to five months.

What do I do if I have forgotten my User Name or Password?

Don't worry. First click here and enter your email address (Username) in the space provide, then click send. Your password will be sent to your nominated email address.

What if I am having trouble registering, searching or applying for jobs online?

First of all, make sure your computer meets the minimum systems requirements to view and download documents or send information:

  • Internet Explorer V7.x or later
  • Opera 8.x
  • Netscape 5.x or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5
  • Minimum suggested speed - dedicated 56K modem
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 800x600
  • Attachments: Microsoft Word documents
  • PC settings enabled for HTML code, pop up windows, Javascript and medium level security.

Browser software can be downloaded free from the Internet.

If you're still having trouble, there could be many technical reasons for the problem. We suggest you consult a computer vendor or your Internet provider to resolve the problem.

What does "Classification" on the Job Search page mean?

Classification refers to job types and reflects the value of the work performed by jobs in Government. Victorian Public Service departments and agencies use most of the classifications below. Some of the classifications cover a wide variety of occupations.

Some classifications have numbers; the lowest grade is show by the number '1'. If you are new to the workforce, your first job would typically be at the lowest grade.

Public sector agencies use 'Other' as there are too many roles to list.



AH1 - AH4

Allied Health Worker


Articled Clerk

AFW 1 - AFW2

Agricultural Farm Worker


Field Worker


Child, Adolescent and Family Welfare Officer


Custodial Officer


Disability Development and Support Officer

EO1 - EO3

Executive Officer

FO1 - FO7

Forensic Officer


Facility Services Officer


Housing Customer Service Officer


Housing Services Officer


Primary School Nurse


Secondary School Nurse


Maternal & Child Health Nurse


Principal Scientist


Principal Solicitor


Senior Medical Adviser


Senior Nurse




Senior Solicitor


Senior Technical Specialist


Trades Assistant




Trades Coordinator


Trades Coordinator


Victorian Public Service Officer


Roles in public sector agencies

9. Why do I need to quote a Job Title and Job Reference or Position Number when inquiring about a role?

A Job Tiltle and reference number uniquely identifies each advertised job. There are lots of jobs in Government, so the information helps us track the job and your application through the recruitment process. Every reference number is directly linked to a role and its Job Description, so it's important if you are applying in hard copy form that you quote the relevant reference.

Can I apply by post instead of online?

Applying online is fast, efficient and saves a trip to the Post Office. However, you can post your application so long as it is received by the closing date. The Contact Officer named in the Job Description can give you the address and any other details about the role.

If there are no contact officer details provided within the advertisement, a general list of HR contacts is available by clicking here.


What's the difference between the Victorian Public Service (VPS) and public sector?

The Victorian Public Service (VPS) is the centre of Government and delivers the key policies and programs of the elected Government. Ten Departments and about 16 Administrative Offices make up the VPS. Key Administrative Offices include the Environment Protection Authority, State Revenue Office and Victoria Police.

The broader public sector is made up of about 240 agencies which are statutory or other bodies. They operate more autonomously to deliver on legislation or are business enterprises. Many agencies operate in the education, health and water sectors.

Are all Government vacancies advertised on the careers website?

Departments and agencies decide which media they will use to advertise jobs, however most vacancies are advertised on the careers website. The media includes newspapers, agency web careers pages, other jobs boards and specialist publications for more technical roles. General vacancies are usually advertised in 'The Age' newspaper on a Saturday.

Can I find local Government jobs on the careers website?

Jobs advertised on the careers.vic.gov.au website are in the Victorian Public Service and public sector agencies.

For local Government jobs go to the Municipal Association of Victoria website at http://www.mav.asn.au.

Where can I find out more about a career with the Victorian Public Service?

Just explore this website! Feel free to contact the Recruitment Officers in any relevant agency to find out more.

Remember, you can also use resources in your local library or a careers service to help develop your career in public administration.

How do I find out more about a job advertised online or in the press?

Each advertised job has Job Details and attached Position Description. You will find a contact name and phone number. The best time to call the person is during normal business hours.

If there are no contact officer details provided within the advertisement, a general list of HR contacts is available by clicking here.

To give you the best chance of success, we encourage you to find out as much as possible about the job and your prospective employer to help you address the Key Selection Criteria.

Can I submit my resume in just in case a suitable job becomes available?

Applications and Resumes can only be accepted in response to an advertised job.

However, you can register to be sent e-mail alerts as soon as jobs that match your requirements are advertised. Go to Current Vacancies on the website and click on Register to set up or update an account.

Can I apply for a job that no longer appears on the website?

After the closing date jobs are removed from the website, so online applications cannot be submitted.

Agencies may accept late applications in hard copy form if there are good reasons for lateness. Contact the contact officer in the relevant agency to find out more.

If I have a criminal record does that mean I'm not eligible for a job?

A conviction does not prevent you from getting a job in Government.

The employing agency will consider the nature and severity of the crime and the kind of job involved. For instance, multiple speeding convictions are unlikely to affect your chances of getting work in an office, but may affect you obtaining a driving role using a Government vehicle.

How can I contact careers.vic.gov.au if I have a question?

General inquiries can be e-mailed to: jobvic@dpc.vic.gov.au or you can call the Careers Helpline at the Victorian Government Contact Centre, call toll free on 1300 366 356 during normal business hours.