Student Wellbeing and Support

Job posted: 09/05/2022
Applications close: 22/05/2022 (Midnight)
3 days remaining

3 days remaining

Job Description

Location: Melbourne | Southern Metropolitan

Job type: Full time / From 06/06/2022

Organisation: Schools (Government)

Salary: Salary not specified

Occupation: Education and Training

Reference: 1277944

Reference: 1277944

Occupation: Education and Training

Salary Range: Salary not specified

Work location: Melbourne | Southern Metropolitan

Selection Criteria

KSC1 - Ability to provide counselling for young people and their families and liaise with support services in the local community.

KSC2 - well developed communication, networking and interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

KSC3 - Capacity to work as part of a collaborative team and actively contribute to the Wellbeing Team.

KSC4 - Demonstrate knowledge of best practice in individual and group interventions for young people with support needs, including counselling, mediation, problem solving and conflict resolutions.

KSC5 - Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional growth, as well as a willingness to support other members of staff with their professional learning.




Range 3 is distinguished by the introduction of management responsibility and accountability for the delivery of professional support services. The role will usually impact beyond the work area or professional field. It seeks to gain cooperation of other staff members or members of the school community to achieve specific objectives, such as in school administration, operations or educational programs.

Direction on targets and goals is provided but the position will have some degree of latitude in determining how they are achieved. This latitude will generally be limited by standard procedures and school policy.  Deviation from standard procedures and school policy will require guidance and direction from senior management.

The provision of business management responsibilities becomes a feature at range 3.  Management of staff to achieve the expected outcomes is a key responsibility.  Staff management issues will be resolved with minimal reference to senior management, although guidance will be required in more complex cases.  Senior management will be provided with timely reports and advice, although this will generally be confined to matters relating to the immediate work area, service provision or educational program and is unlikely to impact substantially on whole of school operations.

This is the minimum range for positions that carry a mandatory qualification requirement of not less than four years.  Professional student support positions become a feature at range 3 (e.g. therapists, psychologists) where standard professional services are delivered.  Professional support and guidance will be close at hand and deviation from standard procedures and school policy will require guidance and direction from senior management.

An education support class position supports the educational services being provided to students, but must not include duties of teaching as defined in clause 2.6.1 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) or its successor.  Supervision of students cannot be required except where it is an integral part of the employee¿s position or involves supervision of students individually or in small groups, in controlled circumstances, where the responsibility for students remains clearly with a teacher.

This role also includes the following:-

- Advocacy and support for students and families

- Liaison with external community service providers or allied health professionals

- Consultation and advice for teachers about program development and implementation

- Individual counselling and group sessions to support prevention and early intervention

- Classroom behaviour management

- Ensure records are appropriately maintained and meet all required guidelines

- Provide professional student support services: e.g. targeted group support and counselling services

- Provide strategic advice on specific support services and their impact on students, school curriculum and services

- Provide support and advice to students in Out of Home care and similar circumstances

- Manage the use of and access to school resource and reference material related to the role

- Liaise with Student Wellbeing Coordinator and SSS staff to support student wellbeing

- Provide professional student support services; e.g. therapist and psychological and counselling services

- Provide strategic advice on specific support services and their impact on students, school curriculum and services

- Manage the use of and access to school resource and reference material

- Other roles as directed by the Principal and Assistant Principal



 Provide professional student support services, e.g. therapist and psychological and counselling services.
-    Provide strategic advice on specific support services and their impact on students, school curriculum and services.

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.

EEO AND OHS Commitment

The Department of Education and Training is committed to the principles of equal opportunity, and diversity and inclusion for all. We value diversity and inclusion in all forms – gender, religion, ethnicity, LGBTIQ+, disability and neurodiversity. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for roles within the Department.  The Department recognises that the provision of family friendly, supportive, safe and harassment free workplaces is essential to high performance and promotes flexible work, diversity and safety across all schools and Department workplaces.

Child Safe Standards

Victorian government schools are child safe environments. Our schools actively promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment, in accordance with their legal obligations including child safe standards. All schools have a Child Safety Code of Conduct consistent with the Department’s exemplar available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/health/protect/Pages/childsafestandards.aspx

DET Values

The Department’s employees commit to upholding DET’s Values: Responsiveness, Integrity, Impartiality, Accountability, Respect, Leadership and Human Rights. DET’s Values complement each school’s own values and underpin the behaviours the community expects of Victorian public sector employees, including those who work in Victorian Government Schools. Information on the DET values is available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/workm/Pages/Public-Sector-Values.aspx

Vaccination Requirement

A person is not eligible for employment in the Teaching Service unless that person meets the vaccination requirements on commencement in the position.

Location Profile

Pakenham Secondary College is a Year 7-12 College located within the Cardinia Shire on Melbourne’s South East fringe.  The school now serves a large and diverse community within a designated urban growth corridor.


The College is committed to providing all students with learning opportunities designed to develop socially responsible citizens and build pathways to their futures


The key values that underpin all work at the College is based around the acronym SOAR.


S    ocial and personal responsibility

This means everyone is accountable for their own actions and share responsibility for the development of a positive learning environment.

O   pportunities for all

This means that all members of the school community are provided with a variety of learning opportunities to further develop themselves and participate in the decision-making process of the school.

A   chieving personal best

This means there is an expectation that all members of the school community commit to a culture of excellence.

R    espect and relationships

This means that the school recognises the importance of productive relationships, with all members of the school community showing respect for themselves, others and the environment.


The school community has become increasingly diverse with students from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds joining the historically white anglo saxon school population.  It is anticipated that student enrolment numbers will be approximately 810 in 2022. 


The curriculum across Years 7 to 9 is based around a core plus elective model with students in Year 10 having the opportunity to access a VET or VCE subject.  Senior students are able to access VCAL, a variety of VET courses, School Based Apprenticeships along with a traditional VCE. The school is committed to supporting students in achieving at least one qualification upon the completion of their secondary education.


The school completed a new Strategic Plan is focussed on improving student achievement, engagement and well-being with the key focus areas and Key Improvement Strategies outlined below:


  • Maximise student learning in literacy and numeracy:
    • Develop, implement and embed a whole-school approach to formative and summative assessment.
    • Build capability of staff to capture, analyse and utilise assessment and data to evaluate the impact of instructional strategies and determine the next stage of instruction for differentiated student learning.
    • Build teacher capability to differentiate learning tasks to meet students at point of need.


  • Strengthen students’ agency, engagement and connectedness to school and peers:
    • Strengthen opportunities for student voice, agency, and leadership
    • Develop teacher capability to support students to set goals and monitor own learning progress
    • Engage students to support the development of learning opportunities that are engaging and promote curiosity.
  • Improve social and emotional wellbeing of all students:
    • Develop and implement a tiered and responsive approach to support student wellbeing and inclusion (SWPB).
    • Strengthen the partnership between staff, students, carers, and families to create a shared responsibility for student wellbeing



Pakenham Secondary College strives to implement the Child Safe Standards as outlined in Ministerial Order No.870 to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students at the College and promote an organisational culture that manages the risk of child abuse and neglect.   The school has developed policies and procedures specifically aimed at keeping children safe. 








Student Wellbeing and Support

Job type:

Full time / From 06/06/2022

Job classification:

Not provided


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Student Wellbeing and Support