Executive Director, Aboriginal Victoria

Length of service:  8 years

My journey so far

I started my working life as an Aboriginal cadet in the NSW Attorney General’s Department. After graduating, I worked in the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office in criminal prosecutions and coronial inquests, before moving to Melbourne. 

After a two-year stint at the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, I transitioned to the Victorian public sector working at the Department of Justice and Regulation (DJR).

During my time at DJR, I managed the County Koori Court, was a strategic adviser to a Deputy Secretary, and was Executive Officer for a Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee.

I later worked as Director of Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing at the Department of Health and Human Services.

In the last couple of years, I've had the privilege of working at the Department of Premier and Cabinet — first as the Director of Diverse Communities in family violence reforms, then Director of Human Services, and now as Executive Director, Aboriginal Victoria (AV).

My day-to-day work

One of the exciting parts of my role at AV is that no day looks the same. What remains a constant, though, is I get to work with diverse and vibrant Aboriginal communities across Victoria.

Our current focus includes progress to treaty, embedding Aboriginal self-determination, and strengthening cultural heritage management and protection. 

I'm fortunate to have an amazingly dedicated, experienced and dynamic team in AV — who make my job all the more exciting.

My role in the bigger picture 

Victoria has a strong history of Aboriginal advocacy, activism and innovation. The role of AV is to be the conduit and facilitator in government to continue this legacy. 

That's our big picture focus. With the Victorian Aboriginal community being the primary drivers.

Unique opportunities in the Victorian public sector 

The diversity and dynamism of the Victorian public sector is something very unique. From the range of professional development opportunities, the diverse mix of colleagues, and the ability to expand your areas of expertise over time is something that's very hard to compete with.

I’ve had the privilege to work on a range of projects including the Koori Courts in DJR, the family violence reforms from a diversity perspective, and now treaty. I can’t think of another workplace where you’d get such a broad and exciting exposure.

Experiencing diversity and inclusion

When I started in the public sector, Aboriginal recruitment was relatively low. Since then, most departments and agencies have developed innovative recruitment and retention approaches — the most recent being the Department of Health and Human services policy, which won an award from Institute of Public Administration Australia.

These approaches have seen an increase in Aboriginal employees across all departments and agencies, including more Aboriginal executives than ever across the sector.

Join me in the public sector 

There’s no doubt the public sector can offer you an exciting career. You’ll have opportunities to focus on a range of programs and policy areas. And you'll get to work in an environment that is truly supportive and encouraging.