Manager, Systems and Operations, Industry and Engagement VET Systems, Department of Education and Training

Length of service: 2 years

My journey so far

After three weeks at university, I found it wasn't for me. Then after working as a sales clerk and for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (yes its true, I worked for ASIO), I returned to university studies and completed my teaching qualifications.

Once I started studying, I found a passion for learning and completed a counselling qualification. I started a business in stress management for managers and leaders and then started consulting as a behavioural specialist. I spent years consulting for major banks, building culture and improving systems.

When I saw my present role with the Department of Education and Training (DET) advertised, I looked at it as an opportunity to consolidate all my experience and education. So now, at DET, I'm the Manager of Systems and Operations.

My day-to-day work

My work includes business planning, reporting and managing a team — to distribute $100m in grants to the TAFE sector across Victoria. 

We help to fill the demand for occupations needed in the Victorian public sector.  And we help regions in getting people into these occupations. 

How my work contributes to the Victorian community

The grants I help distribute enables innovative approaches to training and support of programs, and makes them viable. We know training programs are successful when people in the Victorian community are moving into our targeted occupations. 

Amazing opportunities

Creating work pathways for a student through to that same person having a job changes lives for everyone — the individual, their friends and families and the wider community. 

And by linking job needs to training can also help break the unemployment cycle. Through our work, we see positive outcomes from industries working with VET providers — to deliver opportunities to all Victorians who want to work. It's an amazing opportunity to be part of such an endeavour.

Experiencing diversity and inclusiveness

I'm involved with the Victorian Public Service Network for People with Disability. And I've been able to assist my department to look at ways to customise the interview process for someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Join me in the Victorian public sector

The public sector invests in opportunities that have exceptional community value that cannot be commercialised. Government does what industry will never do. It’s a pleasure being involved in these government initiatives that change peoples lives.