Awards Officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet

Length of service: 7 months

My journey so far

I have worked in various sectors, predominantly events and hospitality. I sought out the Victorian public sector for a more challenging and rewarding career and for the opportunity to serve my state and community.

My day-to-day work

My work involves helping the public nominate up to 200 women a year for an Order of Australia award. I love it. And I really enjoy providing great customer service to my stakeholders.

Daily, I talk to people about the fabulous women we are nominating. I learn about the wonderful journeys these women have been on, and what they've achieved from their dedicated service to the Victorian community. 

How my work contributes to the Victorian community

I help the public with the nomination process, educate and raise awareness about the Australian Honours system. My work aims to see more Victorian women recognised, nominated and awarded within the Australian Honours system.

Experiencing diversity and inclusiveness

Being part of the LGBTI community, it was so wonderful to have extra support from my manager, branch and the wider department throughout the same sex marriage debate. We had access to working groups and support sessions. It was an intense time for the community. And I was so proud to have the support of my workplace.

I've also participated in training courses and attended informative events such as Empowering Women for the Future Summit, Cultural awareness and training around equality.

Proud of my work

I am proud of so many aspects of my work. A future highlight will be when the Australian Honours list is announced on Australia Day 2019.

On this day, I hope to see the 107 deserving Victorian women who I have helped nominate receive recognition. This will certainly rank as one of my most proudest moments. So watch this space!

Join me in the Victorian public sector

If you want to provide great service to our community and help make positive changes, you should get cracking with that job application.