Become a Children Services Authorised Officer in the Department of Education and Training and play a fundamental role in regulating early childhood education and care services.

Become a Children's Services Authorised Officer

The role of an Authorised Officer is a rewarding job that suits people who enjoy working with the community, engaging with people, visiting services while balancing time in an office environment as part of a team.

The roles and responsibilities of an Authorised Officer are set out in the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 (National Law) and the Victorian Childrens's Services Act 1996 (Children's Services Act) and relevant regulations.

What they do

The roles and responsibilities of an Authorised Officer involve:

  • Monitoring early childhood education and care services and enforce compliance
  • Conducting regulatory activities, including service visits
  • Investigating incidents and complaints
  • Providing advice and guidance

Qualifications or experience

  • Authorised Officers have a sound understanding of the National Law and Children's Services Act as they have delegated responsibilities and powers under the legislation.
  • Authorised Officers are experienced and skilled in dealing with sensitive matters such as investigations and complaints management.
  • Authorised Officers have strong organisational and communcation skills, work independently and cohesively in a team and are able to manage emergin issues, priorities and timelines in a responsive and risk based environment.

Personal qualities

Working as an Authorised Officer is dynamic, each day is unique and the ability to effectively communicate with a range of stakeholders, be self-motivated, respond to emerging issues and priorities in a busy environment is a requirement of this role.

How to search and apply for jobs

There are vacant VPS4 Children’s Services Authorised Officer currently advertised across Victoria.

To apply for positions based in the North Eastern Victoria Region (NEVR):

Children's Services Authorised Officer (NEVR & SEVR) (VPSG4)

To apply for these positions based in the South Western Victoria Region:  

Children's Services Authorised Officer (NWVR/SWVR) (VPSG4)

We are currently running two separate advertisements for vacant positions located in NWVR/SWVR and vacant positions located in NEVR/SEVR. If you are interested in applying for positions across all the regions, you will need to submit your application in each advertisement link.

QARD is hosting two recruitment information sessions to provide potential applicants more information about this role.

Information sessions and registration