Join the public mental health service

Join the public mental health service

The Victorian public sector needs more mental health professionals to support Victorian communities.

To support its ten-year mental health plan, the Victorian government is seeking more:

  • mental health nurses
  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • support workers
  • consumer and carer consultants
  • Koori mental health liaison officers 

What mental health professionals do

Here are just some of the things they do:

  • help people of all ages and conditions caused by injury or illness, psychological or emotional difficulties, developmental delay or the effects of ageing
  • support and assist families, carers and people dealing with mental illness
  • share experiences and coping strategies
  •  provide information and referral services, and promote community awareness 

Qualifications and experience

Relevant qualifications and experience are needed.

Personal qualities

If you’re open to learning and growing when supporting someone else’s mental health journey, you have what it takes to join us.

How to search and apply for jobs

For more information and to apply, visit Hello open minds.

To see the jobs currently listed on Careers.Vic, try this Magnifying glass icon to indicate search link Search.