Become a paramedic

Become a paramedic

Ambulance Victoria needs paramedics in metropolitan and regional areas across Victoria.

Paramedics provide emergency medical response as well as routine support at events. They work on bikes, in ambulances, on foot and in the air.

What paramedics do

Here are just some of the things they do:

  • attend medical emergencies and accidents
  • administer advanced life support and pain-relief drugs
  • triage patients to the most appropriate medical facility
  • perform invasive techniques such as intravenous cannulation, fluid resuscitation and advanced airway management
  • provide routine transport for patients from home to hospital and return
  • attend public gatherings and large sporting events where accidents and other health emergencies might occur

Qualifications and experience

You must hold a recognised degree in Paramedic Studies and have suitable experience. For graduate paramedics, you must be in your final year or have completed your studies. 

Personal qualities

If you have a caring and empathetic nature along with highly developed communications skills, Ambulance Victoria wants you to apply.

How to search and apply for jobs

For more information and to apply, visit the Ambulance Victoria website.

To see the jobs currently listed on Careers.Vic, try this Magnifying glass icon to indicate search link Search.