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A Fair Workplace

Join a workplace based on fair employment

Our employees come from many different backgrounds and we think that contributes to our success. We can draw on the perspectives and skills of men and women, of different age groups, different cultural backgrounds and different life experiences. In return, we offer fair employment and career opportunities. Are you ready to join the mix?

For more information, read on to find out about:

  • Providing fair employment
  • Attracting applicants from diverse backgrounds
  • Support for disadvantaged groups
  • What happens if you have been discriminated against?

Providing fair employment

A stronger Victoria is one that creates fair employment opportunity and addresses disadvantage. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and equally. In Victoria there are laws that protect us from discrimination, various forms of harassment, and racial and religious vilification.

As an employer, we meet our legal responsibility to:

  • provide a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment
  • treat all job applicants, employees and contractors on the basis of their individual merit - rather than on irrelevant personal characteristics such as their sex, age or physical appearance, to mention just a few.

This fair employment practice applies to:

  • who we hire
  • how we treat employees
  • who we dismiss, retire or make redundant.

Attracting applicants from diverse backgrounds

As an employer, we are mindful that some groups of people in Australian society are more likely to have experienced disadvantage or discrimination than others. This includes:

  • women
  • indigenous Australians
  • people with a disability
  • people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Fair employment is the most powerful way to move our community beyond discrimination or segregation. When we recruit we:

  • aim to attract a diverse pool of applicants
  • focus on the genuine and essential requirements of the job
  • are consistent and fair in our treatment of applicants
  • disregard information about an applicant's irrelevant personal attributes
  • set aside prejudices, assumptions and stereotypes
  • accommodate applicants with special needs.

Support for disadvantaged groups

We have a number of fair employment strategies to support disadvantaged applicants. We also have targeted job programs including the Youth Employment Scheme (YES), which provides apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities for young people aged between 15 and 24.

What happens if you have been discriminated against?

Fair employment is not just a philosophy. If you experience discrimination, rest assured that the matter will be addressed in the workplace without fear of retaliation. Each agency has a complaints or grievance resolution process to deal with these matters.

The Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission also offers a free, confidential and impartial service to help resolve your complaint of discrimination. They will work with you and the other party to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.