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Application Process

How does the job application process work?

The job application process will help you understand the steps in the recruitment process - you will have a better idea of when you are likely to hear from the employing agency and what to expect next.

Selection for Victorian Government positions is based on merit. From the applications received, a short-list is selected and these people are then interviewed by a recruitment selection panel. The aim is to select the person whose skills, knowledge, personal qualities and experience best match the job requirements, as defined by the selection criteria.

Our e-recruitment system means we can now accept online applications and process these through a candidate management system. Please keep in mind that a range of factors may affect the time taken to fill jobs, such as the number of applications received and when selection interviews can be arranged.

Generally the steps involved in our application process are:

  • advertisement and key selection criteria
  • applications close
  • applications assessed
  • selection panel
  • assessment of applicants
  • selection made
  • job offer made
  • post-interview feedback

In public sector agencies the job application process steps will be similar, but you should check with the particular agency when you submit your application in case they vary slightly.

Advertisement and key selection criteria

Vacancies have a unique position number or job reference that you need to quote in your application. The job details and position description outline the responsibilities and the key selection criteria you must respond to. The name of a contact officer is also provided in the job details - in case you need further details about the job or job application process.

Applications close

You must submit your application by the closing date shown in the advertisement. Late applications may be accepted by agencies, if there are good reasons for the lateness, but this will be on a discretionary basis and you should not rely on it when planning your job application process.

Applications can be submitted online. Go to current vacancies on this website, select the position, scroll down the job details and click 'apply now'. Online applications are acknowledged by the employing agencies, via email, when received. We also accept applications in hard copy form, but would prefer to receive them electronically. If you wish to apply via e-mail, fax or through the post, please contact the person listed in the advertisement.

For online applications scroll down in the job details and click the Apply Now button. Online applications received are acknowledged by the employing agencies via email.

Applications assessed

The received applications are then sent to the hiring manager, assessed against the capability requirements and key selection criteria, then ranked and short-listed for interview by the manager and a selection panel.

Selection panel

The panel is made up of the hiring manager and suitably trained and experienced panel members. Usually there is a mix of genders and skill backgrounds to ensure a balanced approach. Questions are developed by the panel to assess applicants against the selection criteria.

Assessment of applicants

Short-listed applicants are invited for interview and questions are asked that test the person against the selection criteria. Behavioural interviewing techniques, ability tests, as well as written and oral tests or other assessments, may also be used in this part of the job application process. Referees may also be contacted after interview. Selection is on the basis of merit.

Selection made

The panel prepares a selection report, which outlines the process followed, and makes a recommendation as to the most suitable applicant. This report needs to demonstrate that the selection process has been fair and reasonable, and that selection is on merit. The appointment is then authorised by a senior employee or delegate.

Job offer made

Once salary, terms and conditions are negotiated an agreed start date is decided, and there is usually a probation period to be served before the appointment is finally confirmed. Unsuccessful applicants are advised of the selection process outcomes after the successful applicant has been confirmed.

Post-interview feedback

Upon request, post-interview feedback from the selection panel chair is available for unsuccessful job applicants.