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Employees from all walks of life

Employment profiles

We employ people from all walks of life in a wide range of roles. Click on the following profiles to find out about the experiences of some of our current employees:

John Spasevski

  • Skills Victoria. Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development

As a key member of the Skills Victoria team, and a participant in the DIIRD Accelerated Development Program, John Spasevski has quickly built a reputation both at Skills Victoria, and across DIIRD, as a strong performer, a responsive people manager and a subject matter expert in the vocational education and training sector.

Leading a team that has grown from three employees to seven in a short space of time, John leads the labour market analysis and performance evaluation functions at Skills Victoria which incorporates the evaluation and dissemination of key labour market and training data and information across Skills Victoria and DIIRD.

John is involved in a significant education project of his own. John is currently studying an Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government. The EMPA is designed to meet the needs of high potential employees within the Australian public services, and enhance the breadth and depth of policy and management skills of participants. As part of the course, and through opportunities for secondment within the public service, John has had the opportunity to prove himself at a variety of different levels and in a variety of roles. One of the key aspects of John's success has been the coaching he has received from other people managers, including his manager Wendy Timms at Skills Victoria. According to John:

"When I first became a people manager, I would run my thoughts regarding the team past her, so that I could get her insight into how I might deal with them better."

This on-the-job coaching allowed John to develop the skills he needed to better manage himself, as well as his own team within a high-stress, high-demand environment.

John has also had opportunities outside of work to develop his personal and professional skills and experience. As President of a local Macedonian cultural organisation, John is able to be involved in significant community events such as weddings, baptisms and cultural days whilst still managing to squeeze in time with his wife and two young children.

In terms of his people management, the journey for John has been evolutionary. As a first time people manager, John breaks his people manager experience into three distinct stages of learning.

The first stage was about relinquishing control. With a lack of specialist expertise and depth of knowledge at the beginning, John was heavily reliant on the aptitude and experience of his people in order to deliver on their objectives. With a good mix of specialists and generalist team members, John was able to heavily sell the value of his team's role across Skills Victoria.

Once John was across the role, the second stage was to build performance across the team by looking at what worked, and what didn't, the individual development and performance needs of the team as well as potential process and systems efficiencies that could make it easier for John to deliver against his objectives.

John's third stage is about engagement, and ensuring that his team are not only performing well, but that they are motivated and interested and have clear line of sight of their objectives and the direction of the team. Critical to this is open dialogue with people, identifying (as a group) the value that the team can add to a new environment, and regular meetings, communications and directives which clearly articulate the vision and how each individual contributes to that vision. According to John:

"Being a people manager is one of the best parts of my job. It allows me to build the morale, performance and knowledge of a diverse range of people, and gives me the experience to deliver greater results to DIIRD".