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Job testimonials

Careers with us can be varied, stimulating and rewarding - but don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what Steve, Achini, Mara and James have to say about life in the Victorian Government.

Steve Huang

  • Analyst
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet

After working as an accountant for two years, Steve Huang says, 'I realised that crunching numbers wasn't the way I wanted to spend the rest of my career life.' He joined the Department of Premier and Cabinet with the Graduate Recruitment Scheme and now works as an analyst, specialising in information technology management.

The range of learning and development opportunities available to him as a Victorian Government employee has impressed Steve. He explains, 'I have learnt more, or equally as much, in the last year than all the years I spent at university.' Steve says the ability to understand and apply concepts and theory into practice is the most important skill he has developed in his current role.

Steve also believes that the work/life balance is much better in the public sector. On weekends he enjoys building and modifying computers with the parts he sources at computer swap meets.

Achini Kanathigoda

  • Graduate Coordinator and Project/Policy Officer
  • Human Resources Division
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

In addition to her role as a Project/Policy Officer, Achini Kanathigoda has also assumed responsibility for coordinating the graduate program in the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. When asked to describe her role Achini says, 'As I have responsibility for developing projects, formulating policies relating to equity and coordinating the Graduate Program, being multi-skilled is a must.'

When asked about her experience moving to Australia seven years ago, she says, 'I really like living here in Melbourne; I think it's a wonderful place to live.' Her work life has changed since she gave birth to her son two years ago. Rather than working the standard nine-to-five week, she has chosen to telecommute (work from home one day a week) and has varying start and finish times each Thursday and Friday. Reflecting on this change, Achini comments, 'It's a very good balance, and because it's a good balance I think I'm a more productive, happier employee.'

Recently, Achini was offered a secondment to Industrial Relations Victoria. When discussing how this opportunity arose, she says, 'If you work hard and you are consistent in your commitment to what you do, you can get to where you want to go.'

Mara Dennis

  • Manager (Business Management)
  • Water Sector Group
  • Department of Sustainability and Environment

During Mara's impressive thirty-year career with the Victorian Public Service, she has worked in eleven roles in seven departments and agencies. 'The Victorian Public Service provides the opportunity to work and develop expertise in many different fields and work environments, and employment benefits that transfer with you to each VPS employer,' she explains. For Mara, the benefits of working for the VPS have extended beyond the workplace. She says, 'Working on special projects provides the opportunity to build rapport, which often extends to personal friendships.'

Mara is currently a manager with the Water Sector Group in the Department of Sustainability and Environment. Among her numerous responsibilities, she lists specialist business expertise and administrative support services, in areas such as business planning, project management, financial management, performance monitoring and reporting, as critical in her role.

Mara has taken advantage of many learning and development opportunities, including studying to attain her Bachelor of Commerce part-time, between 1994 and 2000, with study leave and support from her supervisors. She explains, 'As a member of Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia, I am required to maintain my expertise and undertake continuous learning. The Victorian Public Service provides the opportunity and support to develop skills and expertise.' 

James Merrett

  • Assistant Policy Officer
  • Policy and Strategy Projects
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet

'In terms of a typical day, I don't think I've had one yet.' This is how James Merrett describes his first year working with the Victorian Government in the Graduate Recruitment Scheme. His favourite project was working on the Department of Planning and Community Development's 'In the Community' events. He says he enjoyed these events because 'it is great to get out there and see that people are benefiting from the work we do.'

Asked about why he chose to work for the Government, James explains, 'I wanted a lot of different things from a job. I wanted something that would be continually interesting and would offer a variety of challenges, and the VPS offered that.'

James has also been impressed by what he describes as 'massive amounts of learning and development opportunities.' He says, 'I think another important thing is that while you are working for the Government you are constantly learning and expanding your skill set.'