Business Manager - Hayes Hill Primary School (interim name)

Job posted: 15/06/2022
Applications close: 11/07/2022 (Midnight)
16 days remaining

16 days remaining

Job Description

Location: North West Region

Job type: Full time / From 15/08/2022

Organisation: Schools (Government)

Salary: Salary not specified

Occupation: Executive Management

Reference: 1282816

Reference: 1282816

Occupation: Executive Management

Salary Range: Salary not specified

Work location: North West Region

Selection Criteria

SC1 Demonstrated capacity to lead an office team, including capacity for directing the work of others.

SC2 Demonstrated knowledge and experience in respect to human resource and financial management records systems.

SC3 Sound knowledge of financial management legal requirements and practices, including the capacity to produce reports and provide advice in respect to those reports.

SC4 High level organizational skills, including the capacity to prioritise workflows.

SC5 High level written and verbal communication skills, including the capacity to build positive relationships with students, colleagues and parents and carers.

SC6 A demonstrated ability to contribute to strategic decision-making within the school by providing advice, information and recommendations to the Principal Team, School Leadership and School Council.


[Attendance requirement for this position]

A Business Manager role will usually undertake tasks that impact on the whole school. The role seeks to gain cooperation of other staff members or members of the school community to achieve specific objectives, such as in school administration, finance or human resources.

Direction on targets and goals is provided but the position will have some degree of latitude in determining how they are achieved. This latitude will generally be limited by standard procedures and school policy.  Deviation from standard procedures and school policy will require guidance and direction from senior management.

Management of staff to achieve the expected outcomes is a key responsibility.  Staff management issues will be resolved with minimal reference to senior management, although guidance will be required in more complex cases.  Senior management will be provided with timely reports and advice in matters relating to the school finance, human resources or school administration.


Deliver School Services

  • Manage the design and production of school publications and documents


  • Manage and direct the preparation of annual budgets and regular financial statements and contribute to the financial decision making of the school.
  • Prepare funding submissions for the leadership team and school council.
  • Direct the accounting processes of the school and ensure that all funds, including school investments, are effectively accounted for according to Treasury regulations.
  • Provide advice to staff on spending against budget in respect to faculties, programs and other school projects.
  • Administer government grants and other school income.
  • Manage fund raising activities.

General Administration

  • Ensure the provision of a range of administrative support functions for the Principal and teaching staff.
  • Provide administrative support to external service providers as required.
  • Manage the processing of student admissions, registrations, enrolments and transfers.
  • Provide required level of administrative support for school events, functions and projects.
  • Implement induction programs for new staff, volunteers and other workers to the school.

Human Resources

  • Research, plan and prepare development programs for support staff.
  • Manage recruitment procedures.
  • Provide authoritative advice to the leadership team on support structures and work practices.
  • Assist in the development of work practices that ensure appropriate occupational health and safety standards are maintained.
  • Manage procedures relating to employee relations issues.
  • Assist in the development of human resource planning.

Manage School Resources

  • Coordinate the use and maintenance of school buildings and equipment.
  • Liaise and negotiate with service providers in respect to the cost and quality of services.
  • Supervise the delivery of contracted services.
  • Manage the development and collection of resource material at the school.

Support School Council

  • Draft reports and make recommendations on operational issues.
  • Evaluate and report on the operational efficiency of computer systems in production, making recommendations for improvement where appropriate.
  • Develop techniques and procedures that will affect work practices beyond the work place.
  • Manage a technical program with a broad scope across the school.

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.

EEO AND OHS Commitment

The Department of Education and Training is committed to the principles of equal opportunity, and diversity and inclusion for all. We value diversity and inclusion in all forms – gender, religion, ethnicity, LGBTIQ+, disability and neurodiversity. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for roles within the Department.  The Department recognises that the provision of family friendly, supportive, safe and harassment free workplaces is essential to high performance and promotes flexible work, diversity and safety across all schools and Department workplaces.

Child Safe Standards

Victorian government schools are child safe environments. Our schools actively promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment, in accordance with their legal obligations including child safe standards. All schools have a Child Safety Code of Conduct consistent with the Department’s exemplar available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/health/protect/Pages/childsafestandards.aspx

DET Values

The Department’s employees commit to upholding DET’s Values: Responsiveness, Integrity, Impartiality, Accountability, Respect, Leadership and Human Rights. DET’s Values complement each school’s own values and underpin the behaviours the community expects of Victorian public sector employees, including those who work in Victorian Government Schools. Information on the DET values is available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/workm/Pages/Public-Sector-Values.aspx

Conditions of Employment

  • All staff employed by the Department and schools have access to a broad range of employment conditions and working arrangements.
  • Appointment of successful applicants will be made subject to a satisfactory pre-employment conditions check.
  • A probationary period may apply during the first year of employment and induction and support programs provided.
  • Detailed information on all terms and conditions of employment is available on the Department's Human Resources website at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/Pages/default.aspx

Vaccination Requirement

A person is not eligible for employment in the Teaching Service unless that person meets the vaccination requirements on commencement in the position.

Location Profile

Hayes Hill Primary School (interim name) opens in January 2023 and is located in Donnybrook, approximately 32 kilometres north of Melbourne. Our school has been planned for up to 525 local students and is open for enrolment from Foundation to Grade 6. Hayes Hill Primary School (interim name) is located in a new residential estate on an expansive 3.5 hectare site, just a short walk from the popular Gumnut Park and Adventure Playground. Our school is surrounded by an engaged, vibrant, supportive community. Hayes Hill Primary School (interim name) will develop close ties to the local community, with strong support from local organisations and community services.


Our school includes:

  • An administration building with a library, staff offices and amenities as well as specialist teaching areas for science and food technology
  • Two learning neighbourhood buildings with general purpose classrooms, and flexible and collaborative learning spaces
  • A community hub building with a competition-grade gymnasium, canteen, music and drama space
  • Outdoor hardcourts, a soccer field, landscaped gardens and playgrounds.


Our school will be culturally and linguistically diverse with many families with a language background other than English (LOTE). We will be a proud, diverse, and inclusive school community. Our dedicated staff will be committed to supporting each child to set goals and take pride in their achievements in a safe and caring learning environment.



At Hayes Hill our vision is to be a school where all students thrive, academically, socially and emotionally. We inspire, challenge, and support every student to discover who they are, who they want to be and how to get there.



Hayes Hill Primary School is an inclusive, safe and caring community which strives for excellence in education. We know that every child can learn, and that learning is for all of us. We aim to develop learners who are knowledgeable, caring, curious and creative who embrace others as equals, think critically, demonstrate integrity and act ethically. 



The values of Hayes Hill Primary School are at the core of our school, declaring both who we are and who we aspire to be. Our values establish behaviour expectations for everyone, and they support our students to develop positive learning and social behaviours that will help them achieve success through their schooling and throughout their lives.


Be Courageous

  • Stand up for what’s right – advocate for yourself and others
  • Show grit - keep trying when things get tough, bounce back when you face obstacles
  • Be humble - be proud of who you are, understand your strengths and challenges. See every other person as your equal. 


Be Ambitious

  • Be energised and motivated to learn and try new things.
  • Push yourself, stretch, be ambitious to learn, grow and achieve. 
  • Give serious, sustained effort, strive to be your best. 


Be Compassionate

  • Act with empathy, put others first, show that you truly care about other people. 
  • Build great relationships and strong friendships, because everyone belongs at Hayes Hill
  • Work in partnership - students, teachers, families, and community - because when we listen to one another and work together, everyone benefits
  • Connect and contribute to our community, because Hayes Hill is the heart of this community and this community is at the heart of Hayes Hill


Have Integrity

  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Respect yourself and others around you. 
  • Be reliable and trustworthy. 
  • Strive for justice - treat people fairly, help everyone have an equal right to learn; because everyone is entitled to learn and to be safe and happy at Hayes Hill


Hayes Hill Primary School (interim name) is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all, including LGBTIQ+ students, staff members and families. Our values, our curriculum and our approach to teaching and learning are all anchored in a belief that schools can, should and do drive social justice in the community. We explicitly teach a curriculum that is anti-racist and anti-sexist, that educates against homophobia, biphobia, intersexism and transphobia and that strives for the elimination of discrimination on all grounds.

Other Information

An Information Session will be held online via Webex on Thursday June 23 from 5:30 pm onwards. 

To access this session, see Webex details below:


Meeting Link: https://eduvic.webex.com/m/052926e6-fc5b-452a-8ffe-8b5a41471ae6

Meeting number: 2652 446 0253

Join by video system sip:26524460253@eduvic.webex.com

Join by phone: +61-3-8593-9167

Join using Microsoft Skype for Business sip:26524460253.eduvic@lync.webex.com


Interested applicants are also encouraged to contact the Principal, Dave Williams on 0422 058 690 or David.Williams@education.vic.gov.au

Business Manager - Hayes Hill Primary School (interim name)

Job type:

Full time / From 15/08/2022

Job classification:

Not provided


Dave Williams | 0422 058 690

Business Manager - Hayes Hill Primary School (interim name)