Student Services Leader (Higher Duties) - Eltham High School - Family Leave (Classroom Teacher)

Job posted: 09/05/2024
Applications close: 22/05/2024 (Midnight)
2 days remaining

2 days remaining

Job Description

Location: Melbourne | Northern Metropolitan

Job type: Full time / From 15/07/2024 - 14/07/2031

Organisation: Schools (Government)

Salary: Salary not specified

Occupation: Teacher

Reference: 1414825

Reference: 1414825

Occupation: Teacher

Salary Range: Salary not specified

Work location: Melbourne | Northern Metropolitan

Selection Criteria

Applicants must be able to satisfy the following Key Selection Criteria. Note that this position is also being advertised as an ES position.

Applicants are reminded to address the dot points under each of the following criteria within no more than one A4 page for each criterion.

Demonstrated experience in the coordination and delivery of positive, proactive, and preventative programs or groups to promote positive health and wellbeing.
Demonstrated experience in the delivery of professional therapeutic interventions for students in response to an identified need.
Demonstrated ability to provide professional leadership, collaboration with, and guidance for a team of wellbeing professionals.
Demonstrated understanding of common approaches, policies, and research relating to student mental health, wellbeing, and engagement.
Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to work collaboratively and network with the wide range of people within the education and wider community.


The classroom teacher classification comprises two salary ranges- range 1 and range 2.  The primary focus of the classroom teacher is on the planning, preparation and teaching of programs to achieve specific student outcomes.  The classroom teacher engages in critical reflection and inquiry in order to improve knowledge and skills to effectively engage students and improve their learning. 

As the classroom teacher gains experience his or her contribution to the school program beyond the classroom increases. All classroom teachers may be required to undertake other duties in addition to their rostered teaching duties provided the responsibility is appropriate to the salary range, qualifications, training and experience of the teacher.

Classroom teacher Range 2
Range 2 classroom teachers play a significant role in assisting the school to improve student performance and educational outcomes determined by the school strategic plan and state-wide priorities and contributing to the development and implementation of school policies and priorities.

A critical component of this work will focus on increasing the knowledge base of staff within their school about student learning and high quality instruction to assist their school to define quality teacher practice.

Range 2 classroom teachers will be expected to:
- Have the content knowledge and pedagogical practice to meet the diverse needs of all students
- Model exemplary classroom practice and mentor/coach other teachers in the school to engage in critical reflection of their practice and to support staff to expand their capacity
- Provide expert advice about the content, processes and strategies that will shape individual and school professional learning
- Supervise and train one or more student teachers
- Assist staff to use student data to inform teaching approaches that enable targets related to improving student learning outcomes to be achieved.

Classroom teacher Range 1
The primary focus of the range 1 classroom teacher is on further developing skills and competencies to become an effective classroom practitioner with structured support and guidance from teachers at higher levels and the planning, preparation and teaching of programs to achieve specific student outcomes. These teachers teach a range of students/classes and are accountable for the effective delivery of their programs.  Range 1 classroom teachers are skilled teachers who operate under general direction within clear guidelines following established work practices and documented priorities and may have responsibility for the supervision and training of one or more student teachers.

At range 1, teachers participate in the development of school policies and programs and assist in the implementation of school priorities. 
The focus of a range 1 classroom teacher is on classroom management, subject content and teaching practice.  New entrants to the teaching profession in their initial teaching years receive structured support, mentoring and guidance from teachers at higher levels.

Under guidance, new entrants to the teaching profession will plan and teach student groups in one or more subjects and are expected to participate in induction programs and other professional learning activities that are designed to ensure the integration of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy across the school.

Teachers at range 1 are responsible for teaching their own classes and may also assist and participate in policy development, project teams and the organisation of co-curricula activities.


The role of classroom teacher may include but is not limited to:

  • Direct teaching of groups of students and individual students;
  • Contributing to the development, implementation and evaluation of a curriculum area or other curriculum program within the school;
  • Undertaking other classroom teaching related and organisational duties as determined by the School Principal;
  • Participating in activities such as parent/teacher meetings; staff meetings; camps and excursions;
  • Undertaking other non-teaching supervisory duties.

Who May Apply

Teachers currently registered or eligible for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and qualified to teach and/or have demonstrated experience in the curriculum area(s) specified for the position.

EEO AND OHS Commitment

The Department of Education and Training is committed to the principles of equal opportunity, and diversity and inclusion for all. We value diversity and inclusion in all forms – gender, religion, ethnicity, LGBTIQ+, disability and neurodiversity. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for roles within the Department.  The Department recognises that the provision of family friendly, supportive, safe and harassment free workplaces is essential to high performance and promotes flexible work, diversity and safety across all schools and Department workplaces.

Child Safe Standards

Victorian government schools are child safe environments. Our schools actively promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment, in accordance with their legal obligations including child safe standards. All schools have a Child Safety Code of Conduct consistent with the Department’s exemplar available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/health/protect/Pages/childsafestandards.aspx

DE Values

The Department’s employees commit to upholding DET’s Values: Responsiveness, Integrity, Impartiality, Accountability, Respect, Leadership and Human Rights. DET’s Values complement each school’s own values and underpin the behaviours the community expects of Victorian public sector employees, including those who work in Victorian Government Schools. Information on the DET values is available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/workm/Pages/Public-Sector-Values.aspx

Other Information

The Student Services Leader will be part of a dynamic team of people with major responsibilities across one of a range of areas of the School's ongoing development.

This position is a family leave position and the successful applicant would be paid higher duties to bring them up to the level of Leading Teacher. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the school for further information.

An information pack is on the school website at https://www.elthamhs.vic.edu.au/employment-opportunities/

Primarily, the Student Services Leader will lead and co-ordinate the work of the Student Services Team who, together work to assist students who are experiencing varying degrees of difficulty with their academic, social and/or personal life. A crucial aspect of this role is the building of positive relationships with students, staff and parents and with personnel in other educational institutions as well as with a range of external support agencies. The Student Services Leader will facilitate, either personally or through the team, appropriate strategies and the support as
required, in order to assist any young person to overcome the difficulties that are preventing them from fully engaging with their learning. The end goal is that all students are supported to achieve success within their educational aspirations. The Student Services Leader will have leadership responsibilities in the enhancement of a student engagement and well-being culture, aligned with the Eltham High School Principles ofTeaching and Learning, Core Values and the Deeds that Count.

The successful applicant will be accountable to and report to the Assistant Principal (Empowering Students and Building School Pride) and ultimately to the Principal.
The Student Services Leader will work closely with students, staff, the Executive Leadership team, parents, and the local and wider communities. They will have skilled knowledge of and contribute to system-wide preventative and intervention strategies to support student well-being. To ensure improved learning outcomes, the role will be proactive in the development and implementation of innovative ideas and approaches to student engagement and well-being and respond to identified needs of students, staff, and the school community.

The focus of the role is the provision of outstanding leadership in supporting student well-being within the school. This will be achieved by ensuring that assistance beyond the classroom is available to all students and that where difficulties arise, a coordinated approach to support is employed.

The Student Services Leader will lead the Student Services Team that is responsible for: effective monitoring of the progress of individual students developing proactive strategies to support student attendance maintaining clear and open communication with parents and support personnel high level knowledge of and engagement where appropriate, with external agencies
providing key support in student welfare promoting student involvement in a range of activities to enhance student connectedness with peers and the
school enhancing the involvement of parents in their child's education attracting support through the involvement of both the local and wider communities in the school.

The Student Services Leader will exercise judgement and initiative in the delivery of support to resolve problems identified or referred by students (both self-referral and/or by other students),
parents and staff to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for the individual. This would be exercised within the broad policy of the school and under the broad supervision of the Assistant
Principal (Empowering Students and Building School Pride).

In collaboration with other members of the School Leadership Team, the Student Services Leader will develop and manage a range of strategies in line with the School Strategic Plan, to support students to actively engage with learning irrespective of the difficulties that may confront them, consistent with the school's purpose, values and beliefs.

The Student Services Leader will:

respond to student needs in crisis situations.
develop and implement preventative social and emotional learning programs through case work and/or counselling or referral, support students who are experiencing difficulty
academically, socially or in their personal life e.g., school refusers; students who are habitually late; students with behaviour issues; students unable to cope with the demands of the academic program, etc.
work specifically with students who live independently of their families. These students are at high risk of exiting from school and require regular contact and support. coordinate requirements for Out of Home Care and Koorie students including Individual Education Plans, allocation of learning mentors, lead and documentStudent Support Group meetings every term, and liaison with LOOKOUT.
provide leadership, direction and support to the Student Services Team, including the Mental Health Practitioner, the Art Therapist, the Student Support Worker, SSSO staff, Visiting Teachers, Careers/Pathways Co-ordinator, Sub-School Teams.
provide leadership, direction and support to the Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator, classroom teachers, First Aid attendant and other support staff.
lead the Student Services Team in overseeing the implementation of School policies in relation to student engagement, learning and well-being to ensure the effective operation of student support structures across the school.
provide opportunities for regular dialogue amongst relevant groups, including sub-school team members, class teachers, support agencies, parents, students, and a dynamic mix of these liaise with the Assistant Principal (Empowering Students and Building School Pride) regarding the support of staff in student management and restorative practices.
provide advice to the School Principal and the Leadership Team where appropriate, regarding requirements and strategies for improvement in student learning/engagement.
co-ordinate student transition across alternative education options e.g. Heidelberg Teaching Unit, Coburg/Brunswick Learning Space, Operation New Start to name a few.
engage with external organisations including (but not limited to) - Austin and Maroondah CYMHS, Royal Children's Hospital, Headspace, Berry Street, Navigator, Mental Health Services Health Ability, Anglicare, Banyule/Nillumbik Youth Services, Youth Support and Advisory Service (YSAS), local psychologists, youth
refuges; Family Planning Australia, Centrelink, Dept. of Health and Human Services, Mandatory Reporting,
Child First, Orange Door, drug counselling services and other services as necessary. 

manage the triage system of support (SOCS) and in so doing co-ordinate the appointments of and the referrals to the educational psychologists and the social workers as required.
co-ordinate the breakfast/lunch program for students in need and maintain regular contact with providers.
be an active member of local Student Services/Well-being Networks and demonstrate leadership in local initiatives e.g. research on local youth needs, the development of strategies to further support youth in suchareas as mental health and well-being, education, accommodation, etc.
be an active member of a range of teams including Leadership and others as relevant.
report on student engagement and well-being matters to staff and the school community, as necessary.
lead the Student Services Team in a range of initiatives to support parents to engage with their child's development and education.
make a strong commitment to their own professional growth.
lead the development of team members and facilitate the support of individual team members through the Performance and Development Process.
have a responsibility for the training and development of the next generation of well-being workers. Supervise trainees in their practicums.
other duties as required by the Principal.

Conditions of Employment

This vacancy is to replace an employee on parental absence and is for a period of seven years or until the employee absent on leave returns to duty at the school.


To be eligible for employment, transfer or promotion in the principal or teacher class a person must have provisional or full registration from the Victorian Institute of Teaching. In addition, from 3 August 2020, to be eligible for employment in the principal class or teacher class, a person who graduated from a Victorian Initial Teacher Education program after 1 July 2016, must demonstrate that they have passed the literacy and numeracy test for initial teacher education (LANTITE) requirements. This condition is satisfied where the LANTITE requirement is part of the Victorian Initial Teacher Education program completed by the person.

For positions in special settings, a person is not eligible for employment unless they meet the vaccination requirements on commencement in the position.

Location Profile

Eltham High School is a large secondary school on the urban rural fringe of north eastern Melbourne. The school’s primary focus has always been to enhance student outcomes through the provision of high quality teaching and learning strategies.

Eltham High School is highly regarded as an educational institution. Its reputation as an outstanding academic school is well recognised within the community and education circles. The co-curricular opportunities offered to our students across a range of areas including the performing and visual arts programs and the elite sports program are outstanding. Engagement with student leadership initiatives is sustained across all areas and levels of the school.

Eltham High School has established a tradition through its strong commitment to the areas of:
• Inspiring through excellence
• Creativity
• Individuality
• Social Justice.

Eltham High School is a school with high expectations where you feel safe to be yourself and challenged to think critically, to work independently and in teams, to show leadership and to achieve success along many pathways.

We believe that the “Deeds that Count” are:
• Respect
• Integrity
• Respect for diversity
• Environmental and social responsibility.
Further information is available at www.elthamhs.vic.edu

Student Services Leader (Higher Duties) - Eltham High School - Family Leave (Classroom Teacher)

Job type:

Full time / From 15/07/2024 - 14/07/2031

Job classification:

Classroom Teacher


Vincent Sicari | 9430 5111

Student Services Leader (Higher Duties) - Eltham High School - Family Leave (Classroom Teacher)